We know how much you like to play online bingo while getting all the latest news on your favorite actors and musicians. However, some of them just don’t get the recognition they deserve. We would like to try to change that, by sharing the 5 celebrities we believe are heavily underrated. Now, let’s start the proceedings and see if you agree with our assessment:

Read our top on the most underrated celebrities while you play online bingo

No. 5: Robert Pattinson

We know how much all you cheeky bingo players love to make fun of Eddie the sparkly vampire. However, despite the fact that much of his fame came because of the twilight franchise, Pattinson is actually a pretty good actor. His performances in Bel Ami, Remember Me or Water for Elephants all but proved that he should be taken seriously. Also, he ensnared our hearts when he said even he was disgusted by how he was forced to “act” in Twilight.

No. 4: Lena Headey

You know her, you love to hate her, you also love to play online bingo while watching her scheme: it’s Lena Headey! Or as you probably know her better, Cersei Lannister. Her acting is so good that she has made us forget that we are just watching a character. She is one of our favorite actresses right now, and we believe her work should start being recognized by critics and those who hand out awards… or Ser Ilyn Payne should pay them a visit!

No. 3: Kelly Rowland

The former Destiny’s Child member is not underrated per se, but we feel like she never got the recognition she deserves. Some of her tracks are a joy to listen to while you play online bingo, but it seems like she will never get in front of the popularity behemoth that is Beyonce.

No. 2: Leonardo DiCaprio

The fact that DiCaprio has never received an Academy Award so far has angered legions of fans from all over the world. Despite the fact that they have made their voices heard, critics still remain of the opinion that our dear Leo does not deserve the award. We beg to differ, and we hope they will see our point when his next project, The Revenant, comes out.

No. 1: Sean Bean

If you are not particularly familiar with his work, you probably just know him as that super-famous guy who keeps dying in all his movies. Well, Sean Bean is so much more than that. Truly a complete actor, he does drama and comedy just as masterfully as he does action.

Honorable mention

Do you know how it feels when you play online bingo and you get really close to the prize, but you just can’t win it? That’s how our honorable mention, Peter O’Toole must feel. He was nominated 8 times for best leading actor Academy Award, but did not claim the award once. We’ve put him under “honorable mention” because he never wins anything anyway.

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These are the most underrated celebrities you love to read about while you play online bingo. Do you think we missed anyone? Let us know about them in the comments section below, and we’ll share your thoughts with the rest of the community!

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