Things One Can Learn in Bingo Chat Rooms

Let’s admit it. We all break rules now and then. Rules that we want others to follow, rules that we want to be upheld by everyone, rules that we secretly know are important but somehow we end up breaking it. Having said that, there are rules in bingo rooms too and most often than not, these rules are broken with quite an ease by ignorant or sometimes insensitive roomies . So, let’s brush our manners and go through the rule book again to see which behavior borders on rudeness and which does not.

Let’s chat with out breaking any unspoken chat room etiquette

  • Profanity – This one is the mother load of chat room offenses. You may be angry and even justifiably so, but taking your frustrations out on your fellow roomies is a bad idea. If it was a classroom, you would have been made to stand in a corner. Calling someone something inappropriate is also a bad idea.

  • Disrespecting the Chat Host – Let’s get this one and for all. The chat host is a person who is trying her/his best to maintain the decorum of the room and encourage the shy ones to talk freely. She/he is no way a police-person who can resolve your problems. If chat hosts do accomplish that, then it’s good for you. If not, don’t resort to complaining and bad mouthing.

  • Capitalization – There is a reason why small letters are used and capitalization is limited according to the rules of grammar. Even if internet writing lets us flout the grammar rules, capitalizing every letter does look jarring to the eye. In other words, you should avoid using it as some people consider it a shouting through alphabetical letters. Using too many colors can also look equally offensive to the eye and your rooomies may not feel like reading what you want to say.

  • Screen Names – If your screen name may seem funky to you, but it can be inappropriate to others. If you are given a chance to choose your middle name, you would want it to be as cool as you can make, right? Well, apply the same logic to your screen name. Your screen name should say something good about you, and not make people cringe in distaste.

    There are always winners and losers in a game. If you are in the former category, be happy and encourage the ones who weren’t so lucky. If you are on the losing side, accept the defeat with grace. Calling names or cribbing about the system will not help you win. It will just help you lose potential friends.

    Other big offenses in chat rooms are: slander, abuse, harassment, racial slur, advertising, soliciting, etc. These offenses can lead to the cessation of chatting privileges of the offender. Not only that, it also spoils the general mood in the chat room. Because nobody wants to come to the virtual world and face the harsh realities of the real world like racism or other equally bad things.

You can have more fun while chatting in the bingo rooms. It is possible if the chat room etiquette are observed properly. This way, you can say set an example for other roomies to follow and create a friendly atmosphere in the chat rooms. Experience it in Landmarkbingo or Bingobytes to get the real enjoyment of chatting in the bingo rooms.

If you cannot live your life without Internet like million others, then you must have welcomed the opportunity to surf the net on your mobile phone. True, it can be a bit slow and the small mobile screen is hardly up to your liking. But it does it job well. That is, it gives you the access to Internet at the tip of your fingers. Your life becomes easy, you can check your mail while on the move. You can even browse the shopping sites for the latest collection. Perhaps, the best part about mobile Internet is the convenience of playing mobile Internet games when you have time to kill.


There are thousands of online games out there; out of which online bingo games capture the interest of players and gives them big rewards without any fuss. Talking about online bingo games, its mobile version is apt for getting rid of boredom of a tedious afternoon or an equally boring evening. It doesn’t surprise anyone that mobile bingo is slowly but steadily taking over it online counterpart. Let’s explore some of the reasons which are making it easy for mobile bingo to topple the online bingo from its position.

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  • With mobile bingo, you don’t have to share your IP address with anyone else. You see, if there are more than one computer device in a house, then it is likely that you have the same IP address. As most UK bingo sites don’t allow multiple accounts with the same IP address, it can lead to a unfortunate problem for you. This is where mobile bingo comes in. You can also activate your Internet service with your mobile phone service provider instead of using the Wi-Fi of your home and sharing the same IP address. Due to this flexibility of mobile phones, you can create another bingo account in a site and play to win exciting rewards.

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