The Benefits of VIP Status in Online Bingo

If, like many of us, you love your online bingo, then you probably already know that playing and winning regularly can bring extra rewards. On many sites, playing and winning can open the doors to a whole host of extra goodies, from bonus games and cash backs, extra emoticons and avatars, to prize draws. The world of online bingo is very competitive, so retaining regular players is key to site success. Bingo sites love their regular players and giving them VIP status is just one way of rewarding and encouraging that loyalty.

The old days

In the early days of online bingo, it used to be quite hard to become a VIP. Qualification usually depended on the amount of money that a player had deposited, sometimes as much as £1,000. That’s a lot of investment before you start getting rewards! However, things have changed and it is now much easier to gain status on most bingo sites. Bear in mind that the sites are looking to reward loyalty, so It’s regular play (and usually a fairly minimal deposit level) that gets you the goodies nowadays.

You may have noticed that lots of bingo sites also have a social side and some will give you extra status and rewards for taking part in ‘social’ events such as befriending other players or posting on their forum.

Points make prizes

Many sites use a points system to determine player status. So for example, if you play bingo at, you get a status point for each time you get between one and three lines, two points for four lines, 50 status points for a room jackpot and 100 status points for a progressive jackpot. Once you have 100 status points you get bronze 1 status, 101 to 200 points get you bronze 2 status, 301 points gets you silver 1 status and so on, all the way up to diamond 5 status at 35,001 points. As you progress through the status levels, the value of your player status rewards increases.

If you are a regular player of online bingo, you could and should be getting rewards for your loyalty. If this is not already happening, check out your favourite online bingo website and see what you are missing out on. If your favourite site doesn’t offer rewards for loyalty, then there are plenty of sites that do and you might want to consider a change. VIP status on bingo sites can save you money over time and increase the fun and excitement of playing bingo straight away. So don’t delay, check out your player status today!

Showing off

Let’s be honest, one of the best things about becoming a VIP in online bingo would be the fact you can show off to all of your other bingo playing friends. Whether they play online or offline, being a VIP status bingo player is definitely something you should tell everyone about. Whether they want to hear it or not.