Many industries within the UK market are understandably concerned when it comes to dealing with many aspects of legislation, unpredictable future market changes and the potential rise and fall in the economy. If such changes or effects have any impact on their particular industry then of course financial uncertainly can be expected to occur on a number of levels. And with something like a national referendum looming and a potential exit from Europe on the cards the confidence about forthcoming investment, development and future financial stability could once more come into question.

With the online market growing and growing it has meant than more traditional businesses have fallen flat over the past 10 years or so and competing with online alternatives has proven to be simply too difficult in many cases. In cases that has already seen the likes of the traditional high street store up and down the UK take a major hit. But where there’s change there is always opportunity and whilst many companies have been unable to contend other industries have slowly but surely been flourishing in more recent years, arguably by embracing the ever-changing times that we now find ourselves living in.

In what many may consider to be quite surprising is that the casino industry is actually enjoying a lot of success at the moment thanks to a significant increase in patrons and spending both online and in land-based venues around the country. This is mostly thanks to the relaxed gambling laws in the UK that were introduced just over a decade ago. It has meant that the industry has opened up and is now freer to reach a wider audience of potential players.

Whilst land-based casinos have much more relaxed ruling and regulations now allowing them to let non-members enter the venues, and for the casinos themselves to offer a variety of additional entertainment services more so than just traditional table and slot games, the online market is where the biggest changes have been happening. There has already been more than a 16% rise in the number of online gamblers over the past decade with online casino turnover increasing dramatically thanks to the wider range of games now on offer such as roulette online and the multitude of slots and variations available.

The mobile gaming market has also helped many online operators reach a wider number of players with device ownership increasing and users having the ability to play whenever and from wherever they are in a more convenient and private manner. When the 2005 Gambling Act came into action it paved the way for UK casinos to take advantage and grow considerably. Coupled with increased gambling-based advertising and relaxed casino dress codes and membership requirements it seems that the casino industry is evolving and the results are positive obvious to see.