How I Funded Most of My Travels

The main question that I get asked about my world travels is “how do you fund yourself?” Well the truth is a lot of my travels have been funded by educated online gambling! Online roulette players can win big money – and many do. The game is controlled by a computer, and is played in exactly the same way as in a “bricks and mortar” casino, but in the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to get in the car and drive many miles, when you can experience all of the thrills of online roulette, sitting in your favourite armchair.

You simply place your stake, and the roulette wheel spins. The computer generates completely random numbers from 0 – 36, so the odds are exactly the same as in a real casino. You bet in the same way: on an individual number coming up; on the first, second, or third set of twelve numbers; black or red – whatever takes your fancy.

You can also use all of the same strategies that you would in a casino. For instance, one strategy in William Hill roulette is extremely popular is doubling up. If you lose – say – one dollar, you simply place two dollars on the next spin. If you lose that bet, you place four dollars on the next, and so on. You just keep doing that until you get a win, and then go back to your original stake of one dollar and start again.

So, for example, if you bet on black and lose, and bet on black again, and keep doing so, it is fairly certain that there will not be a long running sequence of red, and at some point, you will hit a winner.

There are many other strategies that have been adopted by some of the biggest winning gamblers over the years, and if you Google “winning roulette strategies” you will find a variety of different tips and tricks, including staking plans.

One good thing about online roulette is that it is easy to walk away when you have a winning streak. That is the secret that all great gamblers know: when you have a good win, just walk away and keep your winnings. Don’t keep playing and lose them again. You can always come back another day.

Of course, the great thing about online roulette is that you can do it whenever it suits you, but more than that, it is a whole lot of fun and it’s worked out pretty well for me!