Game Village Bingo

That’s right a heap of special prize draws on Game village Bingo are Free! There’s no need to deposit on Game village Bingo first to go into these great prize draws, all you need to do is to play Dingo and SuperGems (Free) to win points, then use those points to enter the Game Village Bingo FREE Prize Draws. They always do the draws on the last day of a month and notify we winners the next working day afterwards. I’m waiting for my email now!

The prizes in these draws are really worthwhile too – ranging from things like £100 in cash, to a great greenhouse, to digital photo frames and internet radios! So, do what you need to do and go in the draw – remember its FREE!

I like ‘classic’ things, including Classic Bingo and the top classic bingo game would have to be Game Village’s Village Inn Bingo. The cards start at just 5p each and you can play in either in the exciting Top of the Hour, Top of the Day, Top of the Week or Top of the month Games – WOW I’m almost breathless contemplating all that! Talking about Village Inn Bingo, how about “donna2727”’s recent win at Village Inn Bingo of £5,021.26 – good onya Donna!

Whatever you do, don’t slip up like I did, and forget to tell your bingo playing friends about Game Village’s extension of 1p games until midnight and their reduction of card prices in the evening, so we can all play merrily along for longer. Game Village Bingo said it was all about bingo this month and they really meant it! There’s more and bigger pots and certainly a lot more value for all at Game Village this March, so don’t let the month get away from you, will you?

Finally, cant resist reminding everyone about the Game Village Mad March Hot Balls one more time. They’re on every 30 minutes past the hour, from 8pm to midnight and the Mad March Hot Ball Prize is at least £1,000! AND look out even harder for the £2,000 extra special ones along the way.

I’ve said it before but I’ve just got to say it again, Game Village Bingo, you’re tops for extending the 1p games until midnight so we rather broke poorer players can really continue to enjoy our bingo games. It really is about bigger and bigger pots at Game Village Bingo and more and more value as well.

The big winners continue to mount up at Game Village Bingo too, for example; “littleferret” has just won £18,910.76 at ‘Wild Cherries’, “daveweller57” has also won big with £10,000 at the ‘Village Inn’, as has “donna2727” at the ‘Village Inn’ as well, but poor Donna only won £5,021.26 (just kidding Donna I would be thrilled with half that amount) and “daza4me” won a great £7,889.70 at ‘Jackpot Jamba’. Now you really need to start behaving like a bingo Maniac don’t you?

Free Rewards (bingo rewards that is) at Game Village on the weekends in March. Be sure to play every weekend and you’ll win some Free Bingo cards. Game Village’s Rewards Bar is planning to go crackers, giving away free bingo cards on both Saturday and Sunday, every weekend too!

Madness isn’t all bad, well the type of madness that is happening every night this month in the 90 Ball Room at Game Village anyway. Turn up in the 90 Ball Room at 9pm any night, bingo on a ball ending with the number 9 and you win. As well the players above, and below you, will win 9 Free Cards for their trouble – that is if you are the winner of course. The big win happens though if you are the lucky player who bingos on Ball #90 – you get an extra £90 for your trouble for doing that!

Cant resist reminding everyone about Game Village Bingo’s £155,000 Mad March Hot Balls. If you’ve missed some of Game Village’s Hot Ball Games, don’t miss any more do you hear! Every 30 minutes past the hour game, between 8pm and midnight, in the Village Inn there’s a Hot Ball prize of at least £1,000! BUT you should look out even keener for the extra special £2,000 games every night! As I’ve said before, there’s a absolutely massive £155,000 to be won on these games just this month alone!

Every weekend at Game Village during March and you can win Free Bingo Cards. Go to the Game Village Rewards Bar and you really will find they’re going crazy with the Free Bingo Cards Game Village are giving away both Saturday and Sunday. But maybe you’d rather be a registered Bingo Maniac? Al you need to do to win back your losses from the previous day is to register at Game Village Bingo as a Bingo Maniac. One maniac a day, each day, wins this great reward!

Another great prize draw at Game Village Bingo is the Hat Trick Deposit Draw, which I have a funny feeling that I somehow have missed during my previous stays at Game Village – cant understand how though. Anyway you make 3 deposits a day to go into the Daily Hat Trick Deposit Draw and you could very well be one of the 3 lucky winners to get £25!

Be honest, most of us like playing the Casino Games. This month, March, if you play Jacks or Better at Game Village you go into the prize draw to win an extra £100 at the end of the month. You win an extra £100 and you don’t have to do anything extra at all, you just do what you normally are doing anyway. Easy peasy that’s for sure.

Did someone say the word “Martini”? Well anyway the ‘Martin Glass’ Pattern is the Special Pattern of the month and if you bingo on it you will go into yet another great prize draw to win a surprise gift at the end of March!

REALLY, Game Village Bingo have so many different games and so many prizes and prize draws, you almost get stick of them, there’s so very many! Only Kidding Folks, who on earth could get sick of cash and prizes? There’s Gifts Galore where all you need to do is win a chat game at Game Village Bingo, and you could be one of the players chosen at random to bet sent a gift or alternatively you could wins lots of Free Cards at Night Owls? Decisions Decisions Decisions!

That’s right, £200,000 is up for grabs, at Game Village Bingo in March. When you add together what you could win in the Game Village Hot Ball promotion, the Rewards that are going to be given away daily, all those wonderful promotions including the £5,000 ‘Madaboutbingo Village Tournament’ and the regular Chat Games – you really do have the opportunity to win a big share of a very big £200,000!

SO DON’T MISS OUT – be sure and play at Game Village Bingo!

It is very much about bingo this month at Game Village – but then isn’t it always? Game Village have reduced bingo card prices at the Village Inn during each evening, as well as, extending the 1p games until midnight! That helps us play for longer and longer. And if you don’t think that’s great I don’t know what would. Its really bigger pots and more and more value in March.

Just to tease the appetites of my fellow roomies a little, there’s the:

£5,000 Madaboutbingo Tournament – the Village’s going to be divided into 18 teams with points awarded daily for Top of the Day/Week Games, Hot Ball wins, Progressive Jackpot wins and, of course, Biggest Winners of the Day! Every single Villager on the team with the most points at the end of the month will win £20 each. Of course knowing Game Village and their giving spirit – that’s not all – three bingo players on each street will also win £250, £100 or £50 each. Go onto the site for more info roomies.

£155,000 Mad March Hot Balls – and how: You’d have to be slightly whacko to miss any of the Game Village Hot Ball games in March. Why? Because every 30 minutes past the hour between 8pm and midnight, the Village Inn, will be giving away a Hot Ball Prize of at least £1,000. BUT that isn’t all either – look out for the very special £2,000 Hot Ball prizes every night as well!

That’s a massive £155,000 up for grabs – just in March alone!

It does seem a little bizarre but Game Village Bingo’s fairly new game, Elimination Bingo, does turn the rules upside down and inside out! And in a way you really are daring when you enter the Devil’s Den, as Game Village Bingo says, only the devil (or the devil in the organizer) could dream up this game, what with matching the LEAST NUMBERS to win, rather than the usual MOST numbers.

What is a heavenly thing too is the price of the tickets – at only 5p (with a minimum of 3 purchased) to play. The Den is open every single night from 7 to 10pm.

It feels a little strange initially to ‘win’ that way, by seeming to really lose to win but you’ll get used to it roomies.

The game that is so so popular at Game Village Bingo recently would have to be the 90 Ball Bingo game with Super Tickets – played daily from 3 to 4pm and also from 8pm to 2am. Tickets again are very reasonably priced at 25p

Thinking more about the new 90 Ball Bingo Room you’ve just got to fit in a visit during February, at 9pm, because that’s when the folks at Game Village Bingo have the 90 Ball Bingo Love In. If you bingo on Ball 90 during that hour you win an extra – you guessed it – £90! And when you do win, the players above and below you win as well, not £90 but they do get 9 Free Bingo Cards for the next game. ALSO, if you look out for the special 90 Ball Quiz Questions you could win a strip of 6 tickets. Great Room – Great Event – Great Game Village Bingo!

START OF THE DAY – Game Village are certainly imaginative, sometimes they’re big ideas with big prices, sometimes they’re much more just simple fun ideas and sometimes they’re somewhere in the middle. The Game Village Bingo ‘Start of the Day’ promotion is sort of in the middle I suppose. All games between midnight and 1am will be seeded with £20.

Why don’t you get in the habit of pre-buying before you go to bed – you could well regularly wake up to a nice surprise!