Bingo – an easy way to have a little break

For many women, being a mom who works can mean not having enough hours in the day – for yourself, your kids, your partner, your work. You get pulled every which way, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming.

But although we’ve been brainwashed to believe that we can be superhuman in our approach to life, there is a lot to be said for admitting that you could do with a little break every now and then. And I’m not talking about going away for the weekend with the girls, or booking in for a massage; I mean a five minute period where you just down tools and relax.

If you had a few of these times throughout the day you’d be a far more effective and patient mom, wife or worker for the rest of the day. Fortunately, the existence of the internet and the fact that most of us have access to it 24/7 wherever we are, has made this much easier.

Online games are such an easy way to take five and there is one particular game that is really suited for those moments when you just want to unwind and relax. The game is bingo – a game that our mothers and grandmothers used to play down at the bingo hall for the same purpose. The only difference is that if you played in a bingo hall you’d have to assign an hour or two to it, at least, especially if you factor in the time it would take you to get there and back. With online bingo, there are games running around the clock and so whenever you want to play, you can login to a bingo site and be playing within minutes.

And online bingo is more fun when it’s free, check out Costa Bingo – a site that offers free bingo games to all depositing players every half hour. And even though the games cost nothing to play, you can still stand to win cash jackpots while you’re playing. Costa is one of a few high quality sites that provides full online bingo experience for free.

So why is bingo such a good way to relax? When you play the game online, you don’t even have to concentrate on the number calls. The software marks any matching numbers on your cards for you, and if you have a winning card, that will be logged automatically too. You don’t have to be first to shout ‘bingo’ as you would in a bingo hall. There’s something quite hypnotic about watching a game of bingo online, and seeing the progress on your cards. Of course, the chances of whether you win are completely random but if you did get a win, it would be an additional bonus to the mental and physical break you get by playing.

Of course, there are lots of other online games that you could play to get those five minutes of calm, but not all of them offer the same convenience, value and entertainment as a game of online bingo!

In recent times there has been a growing trend of bingo sites offering free daily prizes, bonuses and games, which can only be a good thing for us players. One such promotion is the free daily games that are offered to players at Winner Bingo. Simply log into your bingo account each day and spend a quid to activate one free turn playing the Daily Piggy Smash game.
Daily Piggy Smash is a mini-game that can be found in the top of the play window, along with a host of other mini-games, which can be played while you’re in the bingo rooms. Click on the Piggy Smash icon to launch the game and see if today is your day but don’t worry if it’s not because you’ll get another free go tomorrow, as long as you spend another ?1 or more at Winner Bingo.
When you open the Daily Piggy Smash game, you will see a scratchcard-like screen, which resembles a lotto scratchcard ticket. Simply swipe your mouse pointer across the screen to scratch off the panels and reveal the prize symbols underneath. If you match three prizes the same, you will win the amount shown on the winning symbols. For example, if you uncover three ?5 symbols, you’ll win a fiver – it’s that simple.
As mentioned, you can play the Daily Piggy Smash game at Winner Bingo every single day of the year. To activate your free daily game, all you have to do is spend ?1 or more that day at Winner Bingo. As soon as you have made this token wagering requirement, you can play your free Piggy Smash turn. Pay a visit to Winner Bingo right now by visiting and claim your free game today…and tomorrow and the next day!