This week, BingoHall is home to one of the best and most engaging tournaments ever held. All of you will have the opportunity to play online bingo in a unique and interesting way. What’s more, the grand prize a brand new Dell Touchscreen Computer!

The All in One Tournament

All in One is a cheeky bingo tournament with an amazing prize. To participate, all you have to do is join a bingo room and wait for the CM to announce the special 5 part game. These special 5-parters are comprised of 5 unique games, each with its own reward. We are not going to tell you too much about them, as we want you to discover these games for yourselves. But what we will share is the fact that each game will end in a Coverall. The participating bingo rooms are:

Supernova Room

Fusion Room

Afterhours Lounge

Dollar room

Taboo room

Fair and Square room

Quarter room

Desperate Housewives room

Crazy room

Nickels room

If you play online bingo in our new tournament, you can win 5 amazing prizes, including a Coverall! Apart from the money prizes, winning each part of our 5 part games will bring you 1 tournament point. Note that you can receive multiple points for each game, if you win more parts. For example, if you win 4 parts of a single game, you will receive 4 tournament points. Doing so will bring you one step closer to our incredible grand prize, a Dell Inspiron All-in-One Touchscreen Computer!

About the prize

Dell, the American computer manufacturer, is one of the leading lights of the PC industry. The quality of their products is recognized in all corners of the world. The tournament prize, a modern marvel of computer engineering, makes no exception! It has a 19.5” screen, which is big enough for you to play online bingo and slots at the same time, or even play in multiple rooms at once! It also comes with enough memory to ensure that you can play all your games comfortably. The focal point of the computer is actually a state of the art HD+ Touchscreen, which you can easily use without a mouse and keyboard. However, if you enjoy traditional input means, a wireless keyboard and mouse are included in the package!

Additional info

Note that we will send the prize on the address you specified in our account. Therefore, if that information is obsolete, update it while you play online bingo to ensure we send this amazing computer to its rightful owner! It’s also worth remembering that the winning player must have a deposit made during the tournament’s timeframe and no pending or approved withdrawal.

Have a great week

Our team would like to wish you a great week and the best of luck as you play online bingo in our new tournament. By this time next week, you could be playing on a brand new, state of the art computer!

If you want to win amazing prizes and participate in unique tournaments, join BingoHall today!